10 October 2010

Main's Mansion

main's mansion..located at 148 main st. markham north, it's one of the best places to be at--especially with friends! i had their cheese tortellini & cream sauce, which i thought had a slight overdose of salt...talk about a shock to my palate...it was like an "assault of salt". i also sampled a bit of my friend's pierogies--AWESOME and i also sampled my other friend's New Orleans style jambalya...a tad fiery, but pretty good all the same. we also shared a pound of honey garlic wings that came w/ blue cheese dip, celery and carrots. i must say it here and now: those were some of the best bar food wings i've had in a freakishly long time!! the celery and carrots were also great for not only getting your veggies, but i found it helped to clear my salt-overloaded tongue.

safe to say we were all really full--asking for a light meal here is completely out of the question, as even smaller portions of diishes can leave you quite full and satisfied.

affordable: borderline pricey
best with company: yes
live music: yup