06 February 2011

simon's wok vegetarian kitchen

by nature, im an omnivore so going totally vegetarian isn't always the easiest thing...especially when i often need meat to feel full. so when i went to Simon's Wok Vegetarian Kitchen to celebrate Chinese New Year with my mom, aunts and uncles i was pretty darn fearful i'd end up missing the meat im used to having for protein. guess what? that didnt' happen at ALL!

with a plethora of dishes that included protein sources like beancurd and cashews. there were also a lot of dishes that had mushrooms, which are quite meaty in texture and hearty. even dessert was really good...afterall...how does one say no to a sweet, fried pancake with red bean paste in the middle?

overall, i have to say that this place is great for vegetarians and vegans--and incredibly affordable too, so you do get quite a bang for your buck.

location: 797 Gerrard St. E (Gerrard & Logan)