13 March 2011

Ichiban: it lives up to the name.

Ichiban: literally meaning NUMBER ONE, it lives up to its name. Whether I'm at the Leslie & 16th Avenue, at the one on Empress Walk or even the smaller one just around Yonge-Sheppard it doesn't really matter. Ichiban remains my favourite place in the GTA for good sushi, sashimi and rolls.
Perhaps it's a taste thing for me because I really adore the balanced salad dressing, or maybe it's because their bento boxes are just flat out incredible! Selection is always in abundance and I never have an issue with returning to delicious favourites like Unagi-Don (steamed rice with eel) or a good California Roll...not to mention I love the small, 1 ounce scoop of green tea ice cream that comes with the meal!

With every main in a reasonable price range, there's no reason to say
that I wouldn't go back time and again. While I have been to Ichiban many times, this is the first chance i've had to write about the experience.

05 March 2011

KFC snack wrap: sauce overload much?

I was out at vaughn mills today and it just so happened to be the case my mom decided to have the KFC snack wrap at around 4:30pm. At $2.19 each, it's a bigger portion of chicken in comparison to the ones available at McDonalds with the differences being that the KFC snack wraps have way too much sauce--and I'm more of a "less sauce please" person. It also didnt' help that there was quite a fair bit of pepper in the sauce, not allowing me to taste much more and leaving me with a need for something sweet to balance my palate.

Overall, it's not a bad snack...but if you're anything like me, make sure you ask for less sauce.