07 September 2011

general observations from cooking at home

like most people who cook, i'm easily classifed as one of those people who's so insanely self-sufficient in the kitchen doing everything from the prep work to the cooking that sharing the kitchen is often the last thing on my mind! yet, it turns out i CAN share the kitchen with others, but i've learned over the last nearly SIX years that my favourite person to share the kitchen with is my former classmate/lab parter and army chef, who also happens to be my boyfriend. it's such a delightful pleasure helping him out and often, we move in such a co-ordinated manner, you'd think we had choreographed it..but no...we're used to sharing workspace with each other. im already looking forward to making either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with him.
-17 August. 2011

i love weekends...they're often the time i use to create dishes that are usually a slight variation of something i've made in the past. this weekend: diced pork loin chops marinated w/ soy sauce & brown sugar, with pasta, green bell peppers, haricots verts (green beans!) and zucchini. i also found that baby arugula with 3/4 tbsp of italian salad dressing makes for a ridiculously good appetizer.
-21 August, 2011

arugula & strawberries..

what a fabulous combination! i made a little appetizer with some baby arugula and sliced strawberries and found that the sweetness of the strawberries offsets the pungency of the baby arugula. no
August 23, 2011