12 July 2010

some of my fave cold treats...

so i bet you're wondering what this entails...in this case, it's all about some of my absolute favourite treats to have during a summer like what we're going through. 1) Gelato: Italian-style ice cream, with a richer, denser texture [there's not as much air in gelato] 2) iced coffee. Does this really require explanation? I don't think so. 3) frozen yogurt. this is great for those who like a cool treat and something healthier, and also great for kids--seriously. 4) Tartufo. Another Italian ice cream dessert, containing chocolate, of a creamy mousselike consistency, its literal translation is "truffle" (referring to the edible fungus in this case) 5) Ice Cream..the American way. Again, no explanation required as to why. 6) Iced tea. Specifically, an iced venti tazo passion tea that's unsweetened and not diluted with water! finally, to cap it all off I must pick a lovely, chilled sangria, made with White Zinfindel and slices of oranges, lemons and limes added for flavour & garnish! that's my pick for favoured cold treats. what are some of yours?

01 July 2010

Best burger I’ve had: the Smokey Jack’s burger

Best burger I’ve had: the Smokey Jack’s burger (Jack Astor’s). 
July 1, 2010 © Let me start by saying that before this, the best burger for me was always the Lick's Home burger that I would ask to be simply topped with a heaping pile of lettuce, tomatoes and no skimping on the cucumbers...and then came this: The Smokey Jack's Burger from Jack Astor's (available at all locations). This burger is pretty much your standard restaurant/pub burger in terms of bun, meat, lettuce, tomato, and maybe some mayo & red onion. This one on the other hand stands out with thin, crispy, fried strips of onions in addition to 2 strips of bacon. The really obvious difference though, is that it is a lot bigger in size--trying to get a single bite (or rather the first few bites) was quite difficult! Now, if you’re wondering why I’d try something like this, here’s why: It was suggested by one of my friends who accompanied me. I also had to wonder if he was bluffing or if his suggestion was for real...and it turns out, he was right! With the option of having either fries or salad, I was admittedly foolish enough to ask for fries rather than my greens, but I’ll know that for next time!