01 July 2010

Best burger I’ve had: the Smokey Jack’s burger

Best burger I’ve had: the Smokey Jack’s burger (Jack Astor’s). 
July 1, 2010 © Let me start by saying that before this, the best burger for me was always the Lick's Home burger that I would ask to be simply topped with a heaping pile of lettuce, tomatoes and no skimping on the cucumbers...and then came this: The Smokey Jack's Burger from Jack Astor's (available at all locations). This burger is pretty much your standard restaurant/pub burger in terms of bun, meat, lettuce, tomato, and maybe some mayo & red onion. This one on the other hand stands out with thin, crispy, fried strips of onions in addition to 2 strips of bacon. The really obvious difference though, is that it is a lot bigger in size--trying to get a single bite (or rather the first few bites) was quite difficult! Now, if you’re wondering why I’d try something like this, here’s why: It was suggested by one of my friends who accompanied me. I also had to wonder if he was bluffing or if his suggestion was for real...and it turns out, he was right! With the option of having either fries or salad, I was admittedly foolish enough to ask for fries rather than my greens, but I’ll know that for next time!

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