25 December 2010

Chako: Korean BBQ take 4

as one who's no stranger to korean bbq, Chako came as no surprise to me: all you can eat, meats marinated a bit too much. the only surprise here was that in addiition to the various meats available, you can also get sushi, fruits and veggies. on top of all that, there is not much else to compare: you're charged extra for what you don't eat, parties of 8+ have the gratuity built in etc. etc. etc.

one thing that really took me away here was the pleasant taste of the green tea and the option of either green tea ice cream, mango ice cream, red bean pudding or mango pudding for dessert. having had more than my fair share of green tea ice cream over the years as dessert, i opted for the mango ice cream and to my surprise it was actually quite pleasant and delicious!

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