08 May 2011

linguine with butternut squash & double smoked bacon

this is actually something i just made at home earlier tonight.

you need:

fresh, whole wheat linguine (dried works too)
1 pkg of double smoked bacon
pre-cut butternut squash


cut the butternut squash into 1 inch pieces.
remove rind from bacon, slice and cube into 3/4 inch pieces

preheat your stove to a medium-high heat.
add bacon and give it a 2-minute head start.
add squash. saute everything together for about 5-8 minutes.

season with a bit of pepper (the bacon is naturally salty, so don't add salt!)
add about 1/4 cup of water to the saute pan. turn heat down to low and allow everything to simmer for another 5-8 minutes more so that the squash will be tender.

for the pasta:
cook pasta according to directions if using dried.
IF using fresh pasta, cook near the end of the process

drain pasta and add to squash and bacon.


  1. Simple and delicious...what more do you need?! Quick question: How does double smoked bacon compare to just "regular" bacon?

  2. regular bacon is fine in this recipe too. for me though, double smoked bacon just offers more flavour and a meatier taste to the dish that compliments the sweetness of the butternut squash.