25 June 2010

the best things i ever ate (pt.1)

Best things I’ve Ever Ate, why & where to get it (part 1) One of the best things I ever ate is the Magic Mushrooms appetizer at the Big Ragu (1338 Landsdowne Ave, near St. Clair West). I must say that the flavours blend so well, it's crazy--and I kid you not, you WILL want more--despite the fact you'll add another $12 to your bill. The combination of the wine reduction sauce, soft, oozing goat cheese, portobello & button mushrooms and baby arugula salad just brings it HOME...and believe me, if i could've, i honestly would have ordered another plate just for myself! Another one of my favourite dishes happens to be quinoa with sauteed green beans, red bell peppers, onions and topped with some roasted rainbow trout that I made myself. The flavours work quite well and really don’t need a lot of seasoning, and in this context, the flavours simply shine individually and work cohesively. I also have to admit, it does remind me slightly of the utterly fabulous dish from the Pickle Barrel: a panko crusted basa fillet that came with a mango salsa along with cousous filled with dried fruit & nuts: simple, clean delicious flavours that worked well together...and tasted better with a glass of Pinot Grigio wine (the waiter’s pick). One of the best things I’ve eaten in terms of desserts was when I went to Cora’s on June 22, 2010 for a rather late brunch and shared half of a chocolate-banana treat with my friend: a crepe stuffed with nutella, bananas, and topped with icing, chocolate drizzle & a strawberry. Sinfully delicious, and definitely not ideal if you’re attempting to keep the weight down, but all the same: worth trying & worth every penny!

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