23 August 2010

dim sum: the best hour i can spend eating...

ah! my ultimate favourite set of dishes on the weekend: dim sum. i suppose you're asking what exactly dim sum is. in brief, it's a brunch made up of little individual dishes (as many as you'd like to order) and a pot of tea. dim sum for me, is awesome and here's why: not only is it affordable, but it's one of the few times i get all my favourite dishes in one meal: steamed shrimp dumplings, pan fried turnip cake, shrimp & avocado spring rolls etc. i also love dim sum because even though you don't think it'll be enough food when you first try it, you soon realize that it actually catches up to you pretty fast and it's definitely a meal you can either enjoy by yourself, or, in my preferred case with some good friends. favourite dim sum locations: chili secrets (9021 Leslie Street, Unit 9 Richmond Hill, ON) sam woo seafood restaurant (375 bamburgh circle, scarborough) all time favourite dim sum dish: steamed shrimp dumpings (aka "har gow") affordable: absolutely (avg. $10/person)


  1. Totally agree :D I love dim sum even though I don't get to go too often. Yummy stuff!

  2. we'll go as a group one day. :-)