11 September 2010

auld spot pub: small place, awesome food!

so..i know i said my next review would be philthy mcnasty's at 130 eglinton ave. east, BUT before i get to that next week, i'll take you through the auld spot pub on the danforth (just across the street from the Big Carrot around the danforth-chester area). the pub is quite small--at least in comparison to the other pubs i've been to...not to mention it's actually the FIRST pub i've been to where they have an organic beer available.

as a designated driver, i was unable to sample the alcohol, but i did get a good taste of their fish & chips (having just arrived from a baby shower, i opted for 1 piece of fish). i gotta say this: the fish was perfectly cooked, just a light coating of batter and just the right portion size. the fries on the other hand were a tad greasy and for me, beyond oversalted...and if you're gonna tell me i should have sent it back, i'll admit i didn't because i simply couldn't be bothered--not to mention i was already quite exhausted.

dessert options were vanilla crème brûlée and a chocolate pot de creme. not having had either dessert for a very long time, i must say it was quite nice to indulge the sweet tooth! the vanilla crème brûlée had such a distinct, fresh brilliant vanilla taste (the way vanilla should be in desserts), im 99.99% sure it's thanks to the use of both vanilla extract AND fresh vanilla beans. the chocolate pot de creme was not entirely as i had expected, as it is often warm when served...in this case, it was cold but nonetheless, rich and satisfying. thankfully i had a glass of water with lemon to help cut through some of the richness and some coffee.

auld spot pub: 347 Danforth Avenue (416) 406-4688
affordable? mains are $12-$18
note: fish & oysters priced according to market value
would i love to go back? YES PLEASE!

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