19 September 2010

philthy mcnastys: definitely an awesome sports bar.

voted as canada's best sports bar & grill in 2005 by the viewers of rogers sportsnet, it's easy to see why they got this accolade. not only is their menu filled with incredible pub fare, but some of the little banquette tables have..you guessed it: MINI TV so that patrons don't need to stretch their necks too far to see the games on screen! my friends and i were seated, incredibly enough, in the same spot where we sat last time we got together there during the 2010 Olympics. now, if i told you that eating four sliders (mini burgers) was the same as eating a WHOLE burger, you'd probably laugh..but yes, it is true. philthy mcnasty's at 130 eglinton ave east has really adorable sliders and you get the option of eating them either as an appetizer like i did or, as my friends did, have the sliders as a meal. as i recall from my previous visit, the chili fries, and cheesy garlic bread are SPECTACULAR options--especially for sharing with friends..on the other hand, just about everything there is perfect for sharing (yes, even the wings!). one of the other things my friends and i really loved about this place is the ambience & atmosphere--it's always been a big factor for us when we go out together.
overall, i adore this place to no avail and now i wish there was one closer to home and i now have the craving for a slider or two as a midnight snack!

affordable: YES
approximate price range after tax & tip, no booze: $10-14/person
next stop: to be determined.

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